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    "EP Tracker made our lives so easy. We are able to manage the attestation process for our large number of providers with ease."

    Melanie Robin, Incentive Programs Manager University of Maryland FPI

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The Approach

Central administration of EP MU Incentive Management in all stages

  • Assessment
  • Remediation
  • Attestation
  • Funds Tracking
  • Documentation Management

Fulcrum Methods’ EP Tracker is a SAAS solution that provides powerful administration and oversight for the attestation process of your organization’s eligible providers (EPs) throughout the Meaningful Use (MU) stages.

Our solution provides an accessible and user friendly format for monitoring and documenting the progress of individual EPs and Medical Groups during the MU attestations process. Administrative users can track the remediation status of their affiliated EPs from the assessment, remediation, attestation, funds tracking and ongoing compliance.

The Value

  • Better utilization of resources
  • Elimination of cumbersome spreadsheets, paper files and fragmented databases
  • Central administration for supporting ongoing compliance
  • Improved revenue stream

The Solution

  • Comprehensive database aligned with the MU stages and reporting periods
  • Funds tracking capabilities in EP level
  • Multiple user access
  • Secure repository for attestation documentation
  • Central hub for CMS and State MU Audits

EP Tracker  |  Independent Review and Validation Services  |  Request a Demo

The Approach

Establishing the Framework

  • Understand current and future state of MU program
  • Review program structure, processes and governance
  • Review reporting and attestation schedule

Implementing the Solution

  • Assess organization’s performance against MU measures by using FM MU Program solution.
  • Identify residual and sustained risk areas
  • Guide the creation of the Attestation Workbook
  • Provide specific recommendations for the current and future MU stages
  • Obtain organization sign-off

Sustaining Operations

  • Manage risks associated with MU compliance
  • Store and archive self-audit documents

Fulcrum Methods’ Independent Review and Validation Services offer clear and specific objectives designed to assist healthcare organizations with permanent and ongoing compliance controls around the MU Incentive Program.

The EHR incentive funding provided by ARRA is subject by law to government audit. In addition, beginning with the federal fiscal year of 2015. Medicare will begin to sanction non-compliant providers by reducing the maximum amount of per case Medicare reimbursement. Ongoing, permanent compliance with the MU criteria is required not only for receiving incentive funds, but to maximize Medicare reimbursement.

Our experienced Client Services Executives can work with your organization’s Attestation Officer by using a comprehensive set of evaluation tools to assist you with permanent and ongoing compliance controls.

The Value

  • Structured assessment supported by FM tools prior to attesting for the MU Incentive program
  • Identification of organization’s preparedness and readiness to attest for the MU program.
  • Identification of residual and sustained risk areas
  • Establishment of permanent and ongoing compliance controls

The Solution

  • Structured toolset to objectively assess the MU readiness in the organization
  • Onsite test and audit
  • Advisory services with field experience and best practice knowledge
  • Attestation workbook, including organization signoff and supporting documentation