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Joseph DeLuca
Managing Practice Director & Knowledge Architect

Gayle Yeakle
FM Faculty

Tim Tarnowski
VP & CIO, UMass Memorial Healthcare & FM Faculty

Rebecca Enmark
Research Director

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Joseph DeLuca

Managing Practice Director & Knowledge Architect

Joseph DeLuca

"My role is to enable others to improve their personal skill, and accordingly the health care organizations they work with. Ideally this will get passed to new generations of talent through sustained personal and cultural change."

Joe is on a journey to improve in a measurable way the quality and efficiency of our health care system. At Fulcrum Methods, his primary role is to oversee the development of methods and techniques that allow our clients to deliver programs that improve health care services. As the Knowledge Architect, Joe works directly with our client executive teams on complex, high value organizational initiatives. Joe has a master’s degree in health services program management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which launched his thirty plus year career in health care informatics consulting, research, and methods development. He is a Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives.